I’ve been vegetarian since October 2014 and vegan since August 2015.  I started this site, originally, because I would go out to eat so rarely, that I would have to ask for recommendations each time.  I thought, “there should be a list”.  So I searched, but didn’t find one.  I decided to create a list of veg-friendly restaurants and since I was putting in all that work, why not share it?  I then created Meatless in Gainesville and just recently moved the site over to WordPress.  Since I first created Meatless in Gainesville, back in July 2015, it has grown a bit.  I’ve added a list of food trucks, shopping options, sanctuaries, rescue groups, festivals, etc. 

I try to keep up as restaurants are started, go out of business, and change their hours, but if you notice anything I’ve missed, please let me know!

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